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With an influx in businesses cropping up in the city and Pune being the major educational hub as well,
the city has recently seen a boom in culture of co-working spaces. These spaces are built around the concept of exchange of ideas, people from different backgrounds, professions and cultures come together and building a platform for healthy co-working.
But in the process of the building the spaces, one major shortcoming is that it becomes difficult for a person to instantly locate and rent a co-working space in the desired area. This is where our idea of unifying the platforms comes into play.
Timelee spaces is a concept which allows the user to surf through a variety of options, weigh the pros and cons of each, adjust the parameters of convenience and then make an informed choice about renting the best suited co-working
space on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. Starting with a strong inventory co-working spaces in the city, our aim is to build a network throughout the city with one space per pincode. We plan on launching this unified platform throughout the country and build a community through it.


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 Our Leadership

CEO & Co-Founder,MD & Co-Founder

Timeleespaces Reservation Pvt Ltd.

Towards Success

Timeleespaces start journey towards success every day under  guidance


Fardeen Hiraji

Fardeen Hirji

MD & Co-Founder


karim Hirji

Karim Hirji

CEO & Co-Founder




Our Story

Started in Pune which now plans to expand pan India, Timelee spaces is an online booking platform. On it, one can book co-working spaces on hourly to yearly basis contracts and according to the number of seats required by the user. On the website, 
 one can choose from a wide range of co-working spaces in your preferred locality. Our aim is to tie up with at least one co-working space per pin code. So far we have managed to get some of the leading co-working spaces in the city on board.
The other phase of the project is to expand in the residential sector under the title ‘Co-Housing’ where one can rent shared living spaces for stipulated amount of time.



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