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Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration



For Registering New vendor On timeleespaces is easier than every other one,Just follow the same  simple step procedure. given below
(All necessary fields are shown by using * ,without filling the fields we cannot proceed further)

 Step 1:
Go to login page on the website, by clicking on the Button sign in above to your right corner

    sign In -> Login page


Step 2:

Fill the Sign Up/Registor Form As per the Fields required.

i)First Name of vendor

ii)Last Name of Vendor



v)Confirm Password

vi)GST Number.(note :if Vendor Have there GST number and want to share with timeleespaces.)

Click on Sin Up .

Step 3:

Click on Become A seller menu located at left top of menu bar . fill same information wich is required for process.

i)Shop Name 

ii)Contact Number(number is used for sending booking information to vendor.)

iii)Co-working Website Url (note: if not, then use any other website for fulfill the requirement ex-

Then wait for website approvel  and then click on become a seller
After aprove of website Become A seller
Wait for admin aprovel.
Note:-Admin approval take 24hrs to complete there process.

Checking for Website Url.




Once you can approved from admin you can used your account as Vendor but first fill same more info for process
(information required for selling your co-working on website)
Click On profile information on your left side menu.
 Fill All profile info as per there title.
plase fill your address to 

i)contact number(which used for seller profile)

ii)Address(address of your main office or branch)




other information is optional for seller
then click on save save profile
after filling all info -> Save Profile


Step 5:

Then click on ->New product from right menu.
Click on -> Continue

Step 6:

Fill the form as per naming given to particular input.
(Note: - Attribute Set,quantity,stock availability,Visibility leave as it is)

1.Product Name(Strat from your branch name "Ex. Yoco-Cabin for Three", if name not accepted try to change the letters or words to present your property)

2.SKU(Sku in unique identification of your property try to maintain it in particular manner)

3.wait for sku check.

4.Description Of your property


6.Images ( JPEG Size:- 1032 x 581)

7.Then click on -> save Button.



Your property Are ready for Setting time slots.



1.Click on ->Config Booking.

2.Click on ->Timeslots(timelslots get selected ) on ->Pricing & Availability


4. Click on ->New Price

5.Cheak on->Default Value

Understanding Of Time Slots.

i. Understanding Of watch.

24 Hours of watch there that means 00 = 12 am.
watch format Hrours Minits AM/PM
you can set your shots as per your requirements.
ex. - 1. 01.00 PM - 2.00PM - 1hr slot
       2.3.00 PM - 6.00PM - 3hr slot

 ii.Understanding of quantity.

as per picture we it clear that if we want to post your property for "workstations" and offer "work-desk" separately.
then add "qty 8-(workstation data from in image add your qty per/seats)" 
for cabin add "qty-1 (cabin data from in image add your qty for cabin of same type)


Uncheck tick of day for off days of your property.

iv. Delete Your Slot

Click on Dell front of your slot for removing slots.


6.Then click on ->Add New Item
slots added for your property.


1.Click on -> Packages & Promotions
2.Click on ->New Addons & sells

Fill The fields as per naming.

i .Title (Always Be Extra Services)

ii.Input Box .(select checkbox)

iii.Price type(Leave as it is.)

iv.Is Required (Select as per your requirement if yes customer should medatory to buy. )

v.Sort Order(leave as it is)

3.Click On -> Add New Row for adding services

(refer image) on ->address And Others
Fill your imormation as per naming.

i.Phone number(number which is associated with account)

ii. Email (used email associated with that account)

Other fields as per naming.

iii.Google maps.

Setting maps choose the nearest location of your property from drop down and mark your property by setting pin on map.
(Note:- Don't click on reset map if you wan't to set map again.)
Click on - Save Booking.
(if all is coorect then your booking saved if any issue then check again and then click on save) 


1.Then  Again click on ->Config Booking
For adding Filters and facilities

2.Click on ->Address and Others
tick on facilities you provide(paid and free both)
at bottom thick on type of your property
like Per hour,or Per Day. 



Step10: on ->save

2.Then again ->click on save.
(congratulations your property are ready )
(wait for admin approval may its take more then 24 hr same time (max 48 hour)).